We’re too small to have silos.  Our integrated team of professionals work together seamlessly to ensure that all our skills and resources are applied to achieve a holistic solution to meet project goals.

We operate as a collective. In addition to our principal team we work with a network of skilled and specialized professionals in Atlantic Canada and across the country, including experts in:

  • community engagement
  • environmental consulting
  • affordable housing programs and planning
  • transportation planning
  • social policy and governance
  • social enterprise development
  • corporate social responsibility programs
  • organizational performance management
  • emergency planning and crisis communications
  • human resources, business process improvement, and more!

This approach allows us to minimize overhead costs, passing the savings on to our clients.  It also means we can select a team that exactly reflects the needs of our clients and the work at hand.

Boreal5 Principals

Derrick Mitchell, Environmental Consultant, Boreal5Derrick Mitchell is a terrestrial ecologist, Registered Professional Forester (R.P.F) and the Environmental Consultant of Boreal5. With over 15 years of experience working in the environmental industry, his expertise includes: environmental permitting, environmental compliance, ecological restoration, habitat mapping, wetland delineation, natural resource management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Beyond his current focus on wetland related projects, Derrick has a broad range of experience in conducting biophysical surveys and analysis including: watercourse assessments, avifauna surveys, Species at Risk assessments, and geospatial analysis for industrial, commercial and residential development.

Sara Stashick, Policy Analyst, Boreal5Sara Stashick is the Policy Analyst at Boreal5.  Sara’s specialties are project management and research and policy analysis.  Her work has informed community poverty reduction strategies and influenced municipal and provincial government policy.  She is also known for creating connections between government, non-profit and business sectors, to achieve strong multi-sectoral partnerships that result in long-term, sustainable results.

Sara has a post-baccalaureate in Sustainable Community Development from the Centre for Sustainable Development, Simon Fraser University.  She has worked with the non-profit sector in various capacities for over ten years, and has a clear understanding of how to achieve measurable outcomes with limited resources. Sara began her career in the private sector in business-to-business sales.  This diverse background of experiences and resulting collage of skill sets makes her a particularly effective project manager, and her self-described “inner nerd” makes her a voracious researcher and analyst of public policy.

Dave Drinnan, Solutions Engineer, Boreal5

Dave Drinnan is the Solutions Designer at Boreal5. Dave is a generalist with 25 years experience in the ICT, telecommunications, energy, nuclear, risk and emergency management sectors, and expertise that spans a number of technical, knowledge management, crisis management, policy and communications disciplines. Dave also has specific experience with community engagement and planning.

Dave has degrees in Physics and Psychology and a depth of knowledge in business process re-engineering, human performance, education and training, information security, systems integration, and contingency analysis. Dave’s passions include urban mechanics, sustainable economic development, public safety, industrial and transport safety, public policy, and emergency planning. Dave uses his passion and experience to create solutions that provide lasting value to Boreal5 clients.