Boreal5 provides a complete suite of planning and development services through our unique multidisciplinary model. Our approach addresses the diverse requirements of complex planning and development projects, and is tailored to suit small and medium sized projects and communities.

We are united by common values and philosophy – we strive to deliver innovative services and sustainable solutions to improve communities and the lives of citizens. Our proactive approach represents the future of development: forward thinking assessments of risk, opportunity and community needs – not just for the next year but for the next generation.

We are cost effective and client focused. At Boreal5 you always deal with our principals – on all jobs, every time – so you always get full value for your money.

Our Values

Future sustainability: When we help a client build a new initiative we always keep the future state in mind. Who will run the project after our role is complete? How will it be resourced? Will it grow, serve new people, or change in some other way? We design our work plans with these questions in mind, making it easier for our clients to continue to the next phase of project development.

Evaluation and accountability: Since some of our work is at least partially funded by the public purse, we think very carefully about how we deploy resources. We believe measuring and evaluating results is critical, so we build Key Performance Indicators and other standards into projects so we can track our results.

Social responsibility: We value diversity among people and ideas. We believe that public and stakeholder consultation is a critical component of our work and should be leveraged at every opportunity. Wherever appropriate, we employ low-income residents at a living wage or better in our projects, achieving desired results while providing employment, training and experience to people trying to improve their economic circumstance.

Universal accessibility: Our approach to planning and development considers everyone in the community, including people with disabilities, new immigrants, diverse language and age groups, people with limited literacy levels, etc.

Environmental stewardship: We take Reduce, Reuse and Recycle very seriously at Boreal5! Our office is virtually paperless, and the supplies we do use come from environmentally responsible sources. We work and attend meetings remotely wherever possible to reduce our transportation footprint. We also apply this principle to our work with our clients, seeking out opportunities to “green” our projects.

Evidence-based analysis and planning: Our work, and our recommendations to clients, are based on the best available research and evidence, and incorporate established and promising best practices.

Multidisciplinary (a.k.a. interdisciplinary) approach: We employ holistic and systemic thinking to our work, drawing from multiple disciplines in a seamless manner to realize sustainable solutions.  We don’t do silos.

Professionalism and quality: We’re committed to professional behaviour and exceptionally high work standards. We often represent our clients in the public space, and we do so with integrity and — dare we say — a touch of class. We also employ a formal quality management system to ensure clients receive consistently superior work products.