The worlds of development and community planning are changing rapidly. Economic pressures, more stringent regulatory requirements and evolving risk-management standards are increasing the expectations placed on municipalities, developers, service providers and other community partners to manage risk, control costs, and find opportunities for improvement and growth.

At one time development decisions were based solely on economic considerations. Today, the environmental and increasingly, social impacts of a project are critical to its success. Communities that once focused exclusively on growth and development now also need to support aging populations, preserve natural assets, and create more livable communities. These new expectations must be balanced with the cost of providing essential public services.

Boreal5 provides innovative solutions to those challenges, built on a foundational philosophy of sustainability and triple-bottom-line success.

Boreal5’s multidisciplinary team has a unique ability to address the environmental, social and economic-development needs of small and medium sized communities or development projects*. Our integrated, holistic approach to projects and solutions is the future of sustainable development.

*Please note, we also provide support to firms working on larger projects.